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What is inbound marketing?

You’ve heard of inbound marketing [and probably HubSpot] but you’re still not clear on how it works. Inbound marketing works like a magnet and leans on quality content. Unlike outbound marketing which relies on interruption-based tactics, inbound helps your customers find  YOU .

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Say goodbye to the traditional marketing funnel. We leverage the flywheel concept where there’s no awkward hand-off between marketing and sales. With this approach, the job isn’t done once you get the sale. Your customers are the the core, driving all your marketing efforts and acting as an axle in your flywheel. By building on the momentum you’ve built with your leads, you turn your customers into promoters.

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  • Buyer persona research & profile

  • Custom inbound marketing strategy

  • Email marketing

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) optimized blogs

  • Lead nurturing & marketing automation workflows

  • HubSpot optimization

  • Lead generation campaigns

  • Social media publishing + engagement

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

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